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We are experts in creating custom designs for any situation and have a track record of success as well as a long list of happy customers to prove it. Check out some of the jobs we’ve already done. We know what we’re doing and can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our engineering services. 

Work History

Jobs We’ve Done

Veteran’s Healthcare System of the Ozarks | Central Arkansas

Problems with stormwater discharge from the West side of Building 193 was corrected by diversion and the installation of a bioswale to slow surface water runoff flow.  After 3 years the bioswale is still in good condition with minimal maintenance.

Hawthorne Row Townhome Development | Bentonville, Arkansas

Assessed geotechnical conditions, designed foundations and structural members for the Townhomes.  Provided construction inspections services in coordination the City of Bentonville and the prime architectural firm. 

Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) | Marion, Illinois

Provided the spill containment control and countermeasures (SPCC) Plan for the VAMC. Conducted site inspections, drafted recommended projects, and produced the final report and SPCC plan. Reviewed all covered hazardous materials storage and associated infrastructure systems onsite, compared to statutory and industry standards, and identified solutions to bring the facility into compliance.

Denton Ferry Road Bridge, Baxter County and NWAEDD | Cotter, AR

Conducted project planning, geotechnical survey and report, analyzed stream’s hydraulics, and hydrology. Installed in-stream rock structures that provide passage to fish that migrate upstream. Completed the Civil portion of the bridge design (approaches, piers, and bents) and provided project management.

Designing Your Future

Custom-Tailored Designs to Meet Your Needs

Hodges Engineering is known for making top-notch custom designs to fit any situation. With over 30 years of experience in the engineering field, we have the expertise to create efficient and innovative solutions that can stand up to anything. No matter what difficulties your project entails, you can count on Hodges Engineering to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

What we specialize in:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Master Planning
  • Permitting
  • Environmental Planning
  • Low Impact Development
  • Airports and Facilities Design
  • Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Maintenance & Compliance


Before And After


Game & Fish Commission Canoe Slides & Access Structures, Cadron Creek & Poke Bayou, AR

Reviewed stream geometry, hydraulics, and hydrologic data. Provided site visit, GPS coordinates, design & professional engineer certification for structures, canoe slides, access, landing, and foundations at the AGFC access area on Cadron Creek near Quitman and two canoe slides on Poke Bayou in Batesville, Arkansas. Quickly provided the Cadron Creek design in time for combined contractor and AGFC in-house construction for the 2021 floating season to enable safe access while preventing human damage to the natural stream bank environment.



Hawthorne Row Townhome Development, Bentonville, AR

Assessed geotechnical conditions, designed foundations and structural members for the Townhomes.  Provided construction inspections services in coordination the City of Bentonville and the prime architectural firm.



Benton County Regional Solid Waste District, Prairie Creek Park, AR

Provided site selection & low impact development design to manage stormwater runoff at Corps of Engineers Prairie Creek Park on Beaver Lake and provided construction supervision services.  Parking areas and boat ramps are some of the most frequently used areas in the Beaver Lake watershed. Heavy usage of the boat ramps and parking areas has resulted in Non-Point Source loading from spilled or leaked oil, gasoline, and other automotive fluids from vehicles and boats, as well as water drainage from boats.  Properly designed vegetated bioswales can capture storm water and naturally treat pollutants.



Game & Fish Commission (AGFC) Stream Team, Arkansas

Teamed with the AGFC to restore impaired stream segments.  We reviewed stream geometry, hydraulics, and hydrologic data to determine suitable designs.  Provided site visits, stream surveys with GPS coordinates, stream design, & professional engineer certification for permitting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Arkansas Department of Energy & Environment, Division of Environmental Quality.  Enabled landowners to compete for grants to restore stream banks to protect land and riparian buffer while reestablishing habitat as well as passage for native fish species.



Denton Ferry Road Bridge, Baxter County and NWAEDD | Cotter, AR

Project planning and geotechnical surveying were conducted, resulting in an analysis of stream hydraulics and hydrology. In-stream rock structures were installed to provide passage for fish migrating upstream. The bridge’s civil portion was designed, including approaches, piers, and bents, with project management also supplied.


Work History

More of Our Jobs

Law Offices, Intersection of Township & Old Wire Road | Fayetteville, AR

Prepared LID BMP’s for a Large-Scale Development Plan for a law office.  This project, constructed in 2000, is one of the first LID projects in Fayetteville. Office was placed where storm water runoff from the building could be detained using rock and vegetation.  A permeable drive, parking area, and sidewalk was designed to allow for storm water infiltration.  Historical features were incorporated into the design and preserved, rock steps and an old foundation were used in conjunction with vegetated detention. After almost 23 years, the site is in good condition showing the stability and long-term application for LID Best Management Practices.

Water and Energy Resilience Planning, and Energy Resilience Readiness Exercise (ERRE) United States Air Force, Multiple Military Base | The Pentagon, Washington, DC

Provided policy, guidance, system analysis, and site-specific engineering support for the resilience of the water and energy utility systems at several USAF bases, to include Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB), Florida; Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Aviano AFB, Italy; Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ; Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA; Eielson AFB, Alaska, and; Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Assisted the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety and Infrastructure (SAF/IEE) and MIT-Lincoln Labs in assessing the energy and water infrastructure, analyzing critical missions, physically testing the resilience of the systems, identifying system deficiencies, and recommending solutions. 

Private Residence | Fayetteville, AR

The private family home is adjacent to Mud Creek.  The family wanted to make improvements to their back yard and attempted to obtain a construction permit.  The city of Fayetteville informed them that they were in a streamside protection zone and needed professional assistance in determining if the project was feasible.  It was determined that a bioswale to help protect the stream from runoff would be an effective alternative and would enable the improvements to the family’s property to be constructed.

Viola Public Schools, District #15 | AR

Conducted site visits, field measurements, floor plans, and civil design for HVAC drawings, schedules, details and specifications.  Provided bid documents, bid support, and evaluation for client.  Provided alternative designs for cost considerations.

Yellville-Summit Public Schools | Arkansas

Designed multiple roof repair projects as well as a campus-wide fire protection system and emergency lighting upgrade project.  Documented existing conditions, to include a complete digitizing and drafting of floorplans for the entire campus facilities.  Developed contract documentation to meet Arkansas Department of Education Facilities Manual requirements, building codes, and industry standards.  Ensured compliance with National Fire Protection Association and Life Safety codes and provided the projects’ close-out reports to the school district and State of Arkansas.

National Park Service, Buffalo National River: Buffalo Point Park and Tyler Bend Park, 100,000 & 23,000 Gal. Domestic Water Tank Assessments | AR

Conducted site visits and inspections of 100,000 & 23,000 gallon water tanks.  Documented observations and engineering assessments.  Provided sealed Assessment and Recommendations Report of existing conditions as well as analysis and recommendations for impaired portions of the tank for repaired.  Provided repair materials, strength and methods. 

Crush Studio–Renovate Historic Facility for New Commercial Activity | Mountain Home, AR

Provided design-build services for a comprehensive renovation project to meet client’s requirements, budget & timelines.  Included demolition, vertical interior construction, rearranged walls & structures, new architectural finishes, & replaced mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems.  Provided design, floor plans, product specifications, integration of disciplines, construction management, inspection services & design adaptation for unforeseen conditions to ensure the project was completed as envisioned.

On the Horizon

Projects to Come

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Bridge Design | Washington County, Arkansas

This 2022 Design-Build project with Wahington County is for a 30 foot span bridge crossing a tributary to Clear Creek.   The bridge will take the place of a low water crossing that has had chronic erosion issues. Part of the restoration effort is to redirect the alignment and stream flow of the tributary to protect a spring-fed pond that has the highest concentration of Least Darters in the State of Arkansas. Anticipated construction 2023.

Veterans’ Healthcare System of the Ozarks, Water Tower | Fayetteville AR

A low impact design (LID) bioswale system was prepared for the $8,000,000 Water Tower construction project.  The bioswale will slow and filter runoff (and any overflow) from the water tower & ancillary facilities prior to discharge from the VA property.  Design is 100% complete and will be out for bid and construction in 2023.

David’s trail & Ozark Highlands Trail Association Trail Completion Planning, | Fayetteville AR

Provided strategic master planning, analysis of alternatives, project planning, documentation preparation, property research & client representation with local governments, private landowners & public in preparation for ongoing construction.  Designed, prepared & produced plans, maps, GPS routing, marked the 55-mile construction location, & produced brochures to enable future trail construction. Currently now in construction.

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